Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sibalom approves Historical, Environmental Ordinance

The Sangguniang Bayan passed an Ordinance declaring the Century Old Talisay in front of the Romn Catholic Church a Heritage Tree and a Monument of History of the Municipality of Sibalom. This Ordinance sponsored by Hon. Santiago Javier Lotilla IV, is another landmark ingenuity on the part of the Sangguniang Bayan and the Municipal Government under Hon. Mayor Joel Occeña and Hon. Vice Mayor Felipe Lacsama. This Talisay tree has withstood the test of time and could age even more than 200 years old. Some elder people of Sibalom recounted that their grandfathers told them that this Talisay tree is already maturely grown in their grandfather's childhood. It is easily the oldest tree in the poblacion today. This Talisay tree symbolizes Sibalom's evolution from a simple pueblo during the Spanish era into a bustling urban municipality today. This Talisay Tree had singularly claimed the fame and honor of being a witness to the saga and journey of the Municipality of Sibalom to the milestone events that took place in the town plaza, standing firm in her resolved to survive, weather the storm and catastrophe, both natural and human, economic and even socio-political. This Ordinance is an unprecedented move to emphasize the Sibalomnons way of thanking God and nature for having gifted the town with such a Tree that represents the very life and story by which Sibalomnons will live and die for. Thank you Mayor Joel Occeña, Vice Mayor Felipe Lacsama, SB Santiago Lotilla IV and all Sangguniang Bayan Members!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

PSCA holds intrams, parade

Yesterday, September 16, the PSCA opened up its Intramurals with a parade around Sibalom poblacion. The intrams will be participated by all their college units and laboratory high school. Culural contests will also be held.

PSCA is a fast growing school with a reported increase in student population for this semester of more than 1,500 students. With its quality education and very low tuition fees (around P6,000.00 per semester including miscellaneous fees), PSCA is indeed a school that serves the education needs of the Antoqueños including nearby towns of other provinces.

Public Hearing on the site of the proposed new Municipal Hall

Yesterday, September 16, a public hearing was conducted to determine the public sentiments/opinions on the proposed site of the proposed new Municipal Hall. The proposed site is in the plaza fronting the new Caltex station.

Opinions and ideas were exchanged. Pros and cons were heard. Two primary choices cropped up;

1. They agree with ther proposed site in the plaza fronting the new Caltex station.

2. They prefer the site where the present Municipal Hall is located.

A voting was held through a piece of paper and to be opened by the SB members when they meet the next day for their regular session.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Sibalom Natural Park updates

Yesterday, the Protected Area Management Board(PAMB) of Sibalom Natural Park met at the Sibalom Water District office. The meeting was presided by the boyish DENR PENRO Vicente Sardina.

Among the agenda taken were the SB Resolution authorizing the Municipal Mayor to negotiate in behalf of the Municipality for the Loan-Grant offered by the German Bank KFW for Sibalom Natural Park. Also in the agenda are the study proposals of the Egaña National School on the Rafflesia and the Leyte State University students.

Aside from the students from the respective schools, the guests included representatives from the PROCESS Foundation ( a local NGO), Hon. Tobias Javier (Provincial Board Member), and Hons. Lorryvice Magdaug and Edgar Denosta (SB Members).

Hon. Denosta informed the PAMB body that the SB Members have already passed a Resolution to Authorize the Municipal Mayor to negotiate with the Landbank and KFW regarding the proposed P20-35 million loan-grant offered by KFW. The next step will be the Letter of Intent of the Municipal Mayor.

The proposed projects would directly benefit the 16 barangays involved in the protection of Sibalom Natural Park. The Sibalom Natural Park, as remembered, is one of the major accomplishment of then Mayor Erick Javier Lotilla, when he was very instrumental in the proclamation of the park as the first Natural Park in Panay under the NIPAS Act.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

PSCA to hold Intrams next week

The Polytechnic State College of Antique will be holding their intramurals starting Monday, August 15, to Friday, August 19. A parade will be held on Monday participated by their campuses in Hamtic, Tibiao, and Libertad.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New Generator Set, pieplines for SWD

The Sibalom Water District has just purchased a brand new 75 kva Generator Set for its pumping operations. This Generator set is a necessity since the province of Antique is experiencing brownouts every once in a while. When there is a brownout, there is practically no water in the pipeline served by the water district. Potable water is a very important part of our daily life and that the continuous flow of it to our households must be a priority.
Along with the arrival of the Genset are PVC Pipes to be used for expansion going to Brgy. Cubay Napultan and Alangan. This pipelines will hasten the development of the said area as potable water is an important factor to progress.